Necessary Details of Microsoft AZ-104 Exam: Explore Them via Practice Tests

Microsoft Azure is one of the most revolutionary platforms in the Cloud computing domain. It has continued to innovate itself and improve its offerings. For this reason, it has become the go-to platform for many large scale companies, which has created more jobs. However, if you are interested in applying for these job roles, you need to get certified first because the organizations don’t just hire anyone for these positions. One certification that will be particularly helpful in this regard is none other than VCE Practice Test Exam Dumps : Azure Administrator Associate. To earn this credential, the candidates will need to take the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. This test will be the main focus of this article. Let’s dive into its details and other important features!



There are several requirements that the students should fulfill before taking the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. If these requirements are not fully met, then the candidates may face problems in answering all the questions. They are as follows:

The individuals should only use reliable resources to prepare for this certification exam. For example, they can take practice tests that are specifically designed to check one’s knowledge level. Fortunately, this tool is even available on the official website.

Target Audience

The applicants need to verify if they are under a suitable target audience for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam because otherwise they will encounter some problems. The ideal candidates for this test are those individuals who have at least 6 months of experience with Azure and are trying to become Azure administrators. They should have a deep understanding of the core Azure services, workloads, and governance security. If you think that you don’t fall into this category, then it is best not to take the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Practice Test Questions .

Details and Topics

The students should have a strong grasp of the domains included in the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. There are a few different topics that they will need to work on and all of them are equally important. These objectives are as follows:

  • Monitor and back up Azure resources
  • Configure and manage virtual networking
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources
  • Implement and manage storage
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Another important detail that you should know about the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is that it is going to be 120 minutes long and the candidates will have to attempt 40 to 60 questions during this time. If you have studied all the topics properly this should not be a problem. Please note that you can register for your test with Download on This Link from Exam Labs and take it in English only.


The certifications have become in high demand, especially in the IT sector, as they help highlight the individuals’ skills and also restore trust in their expertise. The Microsoft credentials are globally recognized and this is why anyone who is interested in starting his/her IT career should consider getting at least one certificate of this vendor. Microsoft Azure has become very popular and has been adopted by a lot of organizations. So, by acing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam , you will give yourself a chance to land a decent job. Good luck!

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