What is DASH Crypto Used For?

One of the main recommendations for cryptocurrency investors is to diversify their portfolios. That means you should not only focus on the market leaders but add less-known coins. For that purpose, you should read information and the news from the industry, investigate crypto charts and analyze coins on your own. An excellent resource for crypto news is the WhiteBIT blog. It rolls out fresh coin overviews and up-and-coming project descriptions.

Middle and small-cap coins are worth attention. Capitalisation means the level of dominance of an asset in the market. So the higher the cap, the stronger the asset, which means the less its reaction to the market changes. For example, the Bitcoin rate will not change dramatically if the market moves, but small-cap coins will. On the other hand, the same reaction will be on the market rise when the bull trend starts. That means if you buy a middle-cap asset at a low price today, it is likely that you will multiply your initial investments many times when the bull tendency begins. One of the most promising mid-cap assets is DASH. What is a DASH? Let’s find it out.

DASH Cryptocurrency History

The coin was released in 2014. That time, it has the name “Xcoin”. DASH is based on the Bitcoin protocol. In its early days, the asset was subject to significant price jumps. In December 2018, the price reached the mark of $1198, then dropped to $520, rose to $688, and then in Dec 2018, dropped to the level of $68. In December 2022, the price fluctuates around $43 – $49.

What is DASH coin used for? DASH was developed as an altcoin allowing maximum privacy in currency transfers. It supports the PayPal system and cash currencies, converts them to crypto and delivers to recipients in a matter of minutes. DASH is a middle layer for daily transfers that can be used as fiat via bank cards. The asset can be used for daily purchases via the DashDirect application. You can also trade the coin on crypto exchanges supporting it, for example, Coinbase, WhiteBIT, and Binance.

Here is the list of companies using DASH:

  • Dash Giftcard Store
  • Travala
  • Churchs Chicken Venezuela
  • CheapAir
  • and many others.

If you wish to buy and trade DASH crypto coin, use the WhiteBIT platform – the largest crypto exchange in Europe, complying with the regulator’s requirements.

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